(Pty) Ltd’s (Private Companies) are by far the entities that we register the most

The following are some of the common questions about the formation of Companies:

What is the process of registering a Company as well as lead times.

As soon as you have submitted the application form, signed and returned the Limited Power of Attorney and faxed through or emailed your proof of payment, we begin the process of registering your company.

We start with Step 1, which is the process of registering the name of your company, this process can take anything from.

Once your name has been approved, we complete the rest of your registration documents and submit these to the CIPC. Once the CIPC has processed these, they will provide us with your final registration documents which you will be able to use to trade. This process takes a further

Therefore, the total registration time will be between

Please note that if you delay in sending us any documents that we require from you (such as ID’s, etc) this will cause unnecessary delays

Can foreigners open a Company

Yes, one or all the directors and shareholders of a Company can be foreigners, as long as the registered address of the Company is in South Africa.

If the foreign national has not been issued with a South African ID, an affidavit must be provided stating the following:

  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Citizenship
  • A statement of the intention to register a Company in South Africa
  • The reason why no identity document can be supplied

This affidavit must then be signed and stamped by a commissioner of oaths or a police officer (This can be done at any South Africa Police Station).

What if I am listed with a credit bureau (TransUnion or Experian)

You can register a Company even if you are blacklisted at a credit bureau.